Funchal Marathon – Santander Totta


1 – Organization

The Funchal Marathon – Santander Totta is organised by the Madeira Athletics Association with the support of private and public institutions.

2 – Distances

3 distances are available to the athletes, the Funchal Marathon – Santander Totta with 42.195 meters, the Funchal Half Marathon – Santander Totta with 21.097,50 meters, and the Funchal Mini Marathon – Santander Totta with about 8.330 meters.

3 – Refreshing points

The refreshing points will be located with no more than 5 kilometres gap between each other. The liquids supply will be water and isotonic drink available in individual cups. The solid supply will be Banana of Madeira cut in 2 pieces and energy bars from Bioforma, our sponsor.

4 – Registration

4.1 Fees and dates

Funchal Marathon – Santander Totta

Until 31 October 2019 – 35,00€
From 1 November until 31 December 2019 – 50,00€
From 1 January until 18 January 2020 – 60,00€

Funchal Half Marathon – Santander Totta

Until 31 October 2019- 20,00€
From 1 November until 31 December 2019 – 25,00€
From 1 January until 18 January 2020 – 30,00€

Funchal Mini Marathon – Santander Totta

Until 31 December 2019 – 8,00€
From 1 January until 18 January 2020 – 10,00€


The registration includes:

  • T-Shirt
  • Finisher Medal
  • “Pasta-Party” (for Marathon runners)

4.2 Online registration

Online registrations must be made until January 12th

Between January 16th and 18th, directly at the event desk office.

4.3 Event desk office

The event desk will be open at Porto Santa Maria Hotel (Funchal Old Town), on the following days and Schedule:

  • January 16th – from 10:00 until 20:00
  • January 17th – from 10:00 until 20:00
  • January 18th – from 10:00 until 20:00

–  Mandatory documentation to request the race kit:

Citizen ID Card or Passport.

5 – Classes

To compete at Funchal Marathon – Santander Totta you must be Elite or Masters class. The Funchal Half-Marathon and Mini-Marathon Santander Totta are open to the Sub-19, Elite and Masters class.

Birth yearClass
35 to 39 yearsM35 / W35
40 to 44 yearsM40 / W40
45 to 49 yearsM45 / W45
50 to 54 yearsM50 / W50
55 to 59 yearsM55 / W55
60 to 64 yearsM60 / W60
65 to 69 yearsM65 / W65
70 and plusM70 / W70

6 – Prizes

Funchal Marathon – Santander Totta:

Prize-Money for the top 3, men and women:

1st 500€
2nd 300€
3rd 200€

Trophies for the top 3 of each class and general classification, men and women
Finisher medal to all finishers at the end of the race

Funchal Half-Marathon – Santander Totta:

Trophies for the top 3 of each class and general classification, men and women
Finisher medal to all finishers at the end of the race.

Funchal Mini-Marathon – Santander Totta:

Trophies for the top 3 on the general classification, men and women
Finisher medal to all finishers at the end of the race

7 – Classifications

The chip MyLaps BibTag is supplied by the race organisation and is usage is mandatory. The chip is glued to the back of the Bib number and can’t be folded our damage. A runner without a working MyLaps BibTag will not be classified.

There are classifications for all classes of all distances. The class classifications may not apply for prizes – Please check the point “Prizes”.

8 – Referee

The race referee is nominated by the Referee Council of the Madeira Athletics Association.

9 – Disqualifications

Disqualifications will apply to athletes that:

Did not pass the start control.
Do not make the entire course.
Did not have the bib number visible.
Made false statements.
Using incorrect bib numbers.
Do not respect the organisation.

10 – Complaints

Complains presentation – Any complain must be presented wrote to the race referee until 10 minutes after the race is finished, with a sum of 100€, that will be returned if the complaint is deferred.  (According to the IAAF, International Association of Athletics Federations norms and the Portugal Athletics Association)

11 – Insurance

The race organization will have a nominal insurance for all participants, according to the Portuguese law of sports insurance  – decreto lei nº10/2009.

In case of an accident, the participant must contact the organization first so we can forward to the insurance company, after the participant being analysed by the race doctor. In extreme cases, the participant will go directly to the medical care place.

The insurance company have the right to act in conformation, deferring or not the insurance activation.

12 – Time Limit

– Funchal Marathon – Santander Totta: 6 hours and 30 minutes

13 – Changes, transfer and cancellations.

13.1  Changes

The race organization will accept changes until the 31st of December. No refund will be made if the race chose is cheaper than the previous. If the new race has a higher fee, the participant must pay the remaining fee.

13.2 Registration transfer

All registrations transfer request must be made by email to [email protected], throng the email that the runner was registered in the race.

The registration transfer requests must be made until the 31st of December and are subject to a 10€ fee.

The registrations transfer did not give the right of refunds.

13.3 Cancelations

In case of injury or disease, the organization will refund 50% of the race fee. In these case, the request must be sent by email to [email protected] with the medical certificate attached. Cancellations requests must be made until the 10th of January.

14 – Acceptance

– The organization have the right to accept our not all registrations

– All registered participants must accept their present regulation, and in case of any doubt, participants must contact the organization.

15 – Data Protection

All data collected during the registration process will be treated safely and are intended for the normal development of the event such insurance, registration list, results and classifications and communications by email.

All participants can change or delete the personal data, sending the request by email to [email protected]

16 – Image rights

All participants registered authorize the free usage of all image content filmed and photographed during the event and the reproduction of these contents.

17 – Event cancellation

The event may be cancelled by external factors such as natural catastrophes, manifestations, strikes, government restrictions our impossibility of road usage. In these cases, the race organization reserves the right to communicate until 30 days after the event the actions to be taken according to the cancellation reason.

18 – Other points

Other points and cases will be regulated by the Portuguese Athletics Federation general regulations.